The beginning of the end. Food Allergies, Volume 1.

Ahhhhh.  The hour and 10 minute commute wasn’t quite enough to jump start my Tuesday night.  What REALLY let me knew the night had begun was when I finally pulled into the driveway and retrieved my girls from the backseat.  What’s that smell?  What’s that on the ceiling of my van??  What is that in her car seat??  IS THAT PUKE ON MY BABY???

As I dug my tiny one-year old out from under the chunks of vomit, I had a million thoughts running through my head.  As much as I wanted to blame this on too much sugar at a school birthday party or car sickness from the stupid long commute I force her to endure day after day, I couldn’t help but thing about an allergy.  I had concerns prior to this and questioned why my baby kept getting rashes and was having so many problems sleeping at night, why was she getting sick for no apparent reason and where did my happy girl go???

From this sad night, things moved somewhat quickly.  My mommy intuition kicked in and my over-protectiveness went into overdrive mode.  I called the doctor the very next morning to have her seen.  This was the first of many VERY scary moments related to G’s food allergies.

Life with food allergies.
Life with food allergies.

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