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When it comes to blogging, I have vast experience and a temperamental genre base.  Here are a few blogs which I no longer maintain on a regular basis, but give an insight to how I started and what my life used to look like…. Before Mojitos and Munchkins!

Junior’s Journey began in the Fall of 2008, when I was exposed to words like “preterm labor” and “bedrest” during my first pregnancy.  Blogging allowed me to communicate with friends and family both near and far, and gave me an outlet as to not have to repeat myself to all the curiosity that surrounded my son’s pending birth.  While you can get to all of them through the Archives, my first post about my pregnancy-gone-crazy is here!

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In December of 2006, my brand new husband and I went to South America to travel around Peru.  The trip left us with lifelong memories and an appreciation for the beautiful Peruvian culture and people.  As this was the first time that I have EVER gone more than 24 hours talking to my mom, I knew I had to blog to stay in touch with her.  It was just as much for me as it was her!  In the end, this form of communication proved to be a wonderful documentation of our many trips and adventures!  Check out our Peru blog here.

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