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Hi there! Mojitos & Munchkins is a place where you can go for REAL life. If you want perfect parenting advice, perfect recipes, pictures of a perfect house and stories about a perfect love life… you’ll want to shop elsewhere.

What I can offer is funny, real, and a curse word {or two}. I am a teacher by day, mom by night, and this is my blog. I also write about easy-to-follow recipes for the common cook, Pinterest ideas that work for ordinary people, reviews on every day products that are useful in our lives, and I love to do fun give-aways!!

I live in Minnesota with my husband, our three young munchkins, and our two yorkshire terriers. I love the color purple, a strong mojito, the city of Seattle, the state of Iowa {GO HAWKS!} and a good glass of wine.

Want to meet the MUNCHKINS that make their parents inhale MOJITOS? Check out Team M&M below!


{left to right}

Dad: Eric

Eric is a CPA who enjoys running, listening to pod casts, and saying no to any pet requests from his family. He believes every answer can be found in a spreadsheet.

Sister: Madiana

Madiana is a 4-year old who enjoys Koo Koo Kangaroo, painting rocks, and is currently campaigning (hard core!) for a pet bunny. She set a world record for the youngest person to ever successfully roll her eyes at her mother.

Brother: Brecken

Brecken is a 7-year old who enjoys eating sugary foods, is scared of elevators, and rocks out to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. He lives by the Boy Scout’s Creed (and LOVES to recite it, should you not know what that is).

Sister: Gretchen

Gretchen is a 2-year old who enjoys marshmallows, all things “horsie,” and participating-but-not-really-listening to her gymnastics coach. She once snuck a pack of gum and shoved NINE pieces into her mouth.

Mom: April

April is a blogger who enjoys working out at the gym {working out = milking a mocha smoothie at the cafe and blogging while the kids are at childcare}, touring vineyards {vineyards = drinking Trader Joes’ wines from her mini fridge in the basement}, and loves to host/ attend theme parties {See posts on Family Olympics, Camp Brecken, Seattle Wedding, and Ol’ McDonalds}.

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