How to Have a Staycation with Your Family

The staycation is a low-stress and low-cost way to still get some solid family bonding time. There’s no hotels to book and pay for, no flights to make, no rental cars to rent—the staycation is a great way to check out and still wake up in your own bed.

Here’s how to have the perfect staycation with your family.

Prep your house so you can check out

One reason it’s so easy to check out while you’re on vacation is because you aren’t faced with the daily distractions of domestic life. There are no dishes to wash, laundry to do, rooms to clean or vacuum. Let yourself check out by starting your staycation with a totally clean house. Vacation is also a time when normal habits of TV and games and toys force your family to get creative with how you spend your time together. Consider placing loose rules around how time can be spent on your vacation—if you’re going to check out, then actually do it.

Be a tourist in your own town

Check with your local tourism board to see what great gems you may be missing in your own town. There might be museums or historic sites or homes, parks, theatres, hiking trails, or community events you’ve yet to explore.

Travel magazines and websites will also have a unique perspective on your hometown, so check there as well for ideas on how to spend your time.

Go lawn glamping

Treat your family to a night under the stars by “glamping” in the backyard. Pitch a tent build a fire to roast marshmallows. Project a movie on the wall of your house and enjoy an outdoor marathon, or play story podcasts and lay on blankets, imaging the scenarios in your mind.

Learn something new

Take a class as a family and learn a new skill together. Try a creative writing or a painting class at your local art non-profit or museum, take a family cooking class, check your local community college for CPR classes, or sign up for swimming lessons at your local YMCA.

Play outside

Outside play is so important for health and exploration. Go to a local park and play a pick-up soccer game, frisbee, or tag. Go to the pool, canoe in a lake, or hike a mountain.

Go on a food tour

Have everyone in the family choose one to two restaurants, ice cream shops / bakeries, or coffee shops you’ve always wanted to visit but never have, then have a progressive meal—or two. Stop for loaded french fry appetizers at the gastropub, go for sushi at the new Asian fusion restaurant, then finish the night out with milkshakes at your new favorite ice cream joint.

When your family is ready to venture outside of your walls, check out our easy family fun days for tips and tricks on how to have fun and connect!

Thanks to Matilda Davies for guest posting. Matilda is a writer and new mom living in Raleigh, North Carolina. In her (rare) free time, you can find her walking the dogs, doing yoga, and hiking with her family.

Photo Credit: April Walker


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