Get Rid of Mice… Before They Sneak In!

When you have rodents in your office or home it can be a problem. Not only will they eat leftover food that is left lying around and leave their droppings everywhere, but they also have a habit of chewing through things such as cables. In an office, this can cause problems with your equipment and beyond. However, there are things that you can do to stop these pesky rodents from destroying your cables and making a mess. Below are some things that you can do to prevent your office from getting overrun by rodents.

Mice are gross. There are no secrets there. What happens when mice get into the sacred space of your home or office? First, you squeal (obviously). Then, you break into action!

Keep The Office Tidy

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It is essential that you have all your members of staff informed about hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, and if need be, offer training in this area. You will want to ensure that nobody leaves food out on counters and tables and that any waste food is disposed of correctly. Ensure that your kitchen area is cleaned every day thoroughly so as not to leave any food out for the little critters. You will also want to learn the signs that indicate a mouse is present, such as a trail of droppings, chewed wires, and boxes and containers being chewed. It is also important to remember that there is never just one mouse and there will usually be quite a few more, which if left to breed unhindered could turn into an infestation.

Getting Rid Of The Mice

One of the best ways to get rid of mice is to prevent them from gaining access to your building before they arrive. Make sure that there are no access points that they can use to get in. No matter how small any holes are, ensure that they are sufficiently blocked.

You may want to try an electronic rodent repeller to deter these pests from ever entering your building. These devices create an electromagnetic field in your office which is harmless to humans and pets but is something that will drive the mice away. You can also try to place strategically located traps for any mice that do enter your building, and there are two types of these which are lethal and non-lethal. A combination of keeping your office clean, not leaving food out, and blocking any potential entry points should help keep the rodents at bay.

Alternative Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

You can also use the more traditional method of using the services of a pest control company, and if you have an infestation, this may be the best method. You will need to get your office building inspected by a reputable company, and they will look for signs of the ice. They can then suggest the best course of action to take and create a monthly plan to help exterminate the problem. Using this type of service is more expensive though, so if budget is an issue for you, you may wish to try one of the electromagnetic devices which will help to create an environment that the mice do not like, and these devices are relatively cheap.

To get more information on how to get rid of mice, you can do a quick search on Google. It should lead you to articles that give ideas that may help keep the rodents out of your office. All the learnings you get from additional reading should further improve your chances on winning against these pesky pests.

Don’t tolerate the rodents hiding and running around your office or home. They will not only cause destruction of properties, they can also bring diseases. Follow the above tips and you should be able to drive them away.

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