Easy Ways to Stop that “Weekend Weight Gain”

If you find that you have had a tough week then you may find that you overeat, skip meals or even drink more alcohol. This can add way more calories to your diet and it may even cause you to gain weight as a result. If you want to try and stop this vicious cycle, then here are some tips to get you started.

Get out and Play

The best time for you to really get involved with some physical activity is at the weekend. You should refrain from purposely trying to work out if possible because this could actually demotivate you and it could even make it much more difficult for you to lose weight. To get around this, go out on a walk because you feel like it. Put on some music and see where the road takes you. If you get out with the intentions of exercising, then you may feel as though the whole thing is forced and that you just can’t be bothered. If you don’t enjoy walking, then gardening can be a fantastic way for you to lose weight. You can burn up to 339 calories an hour by doing it, and you won’t even feel like you’re working out.

Sleep in

In an ideal world, you will go to bed and then wake up at the same time every single day. You will also get 7 hours of sleep as well. If you feel as though you need to sleep-in longer at the weekend, then you need to give yourself chance to do this. Sleep is connected to weight gain, and the more tired you are, the more you will feel as though you need to eat. This is because the body is looking for an alternative source of energy, so it is important that you really try and monitor your routine and that you listen to your body as well.

Whip up a Great Breakfast

Having breakfast can easily reduce how many calories you have in the day. When you are in a rush to get out of the door, you may not have time to whip up something tasty and this is understandable. One way for you to get around this would be for you to take something you’d normally eat, such as porridge and then make it more luxurious. For example, you could add some fruit to it, some honey or anything else that takes your fancy. This really won’t take long to do but it can work wonders if you want to try and really boost your energy levels.

Make a Plan

During the week, you probably have a lot of meals by yourself. At the weekend, there is a high chance that you will do way more socialising. This can be risky when you are trying to lose weight. Research shows that people have a tendency to eat based on the people who you are with. You may be tempted to drink more, and you may even be tempted to eat things that you would normally avoid, such as fatty foods or even takeaways. If you want to avoid this then make a plan with your friends and stick to it. Tell them that you are not going to eat anything fatty, so they know in advance. They may even be able to motivate you! If you feel as though you drink too much and need some help, then it may be worth looking into a treatment center. You can view some media appearances by Velvet Mangan here.

Get a Massage

Sometimes, you just need to relax. This is understandable, so take your time to invest in your own well-being. You might want to try and do some yoga, some tai-chi or even do something simple like reading a book. When you do this, you can be sure to relax more efficiently, and you can also boost your motivation. Believe it or not, there really is a strong connection between stress and weight gain. The main reason for this is because cortisol, the stress hormone can boost your appetite. If you want to stop this then relaxing is a fantastic way for you to do that.

Healthy Snacks

If you are a parent of kids who are at school, then you may find that weekends are enough to send you into a frenzy. You may find that you spend most of your time running around with the kids and that you don’t have time to make a full meal. Portable snacks are the key to maintaining your healthy lifestyle here. Try and take some trail mix with you or even try and get some dried figs and apricots. When you do this, you can then give yourself the chance to stick to your diet. If you have a food dehydrator then you can even make your own snacks. This is great if you want to get the kids involved and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to do. If you don’t have a food dehydrator then you can actually just make your own oat bars by using some honey to bind them together. Be creative here, add your own fruit and even experiment with different flavours. This can be more fun than you realize, and it can really help you to stay on top of your diet.

Prepare for the Next Week

Weekends are a great time for you to plan ahead for the whole week. Try your best to schedule-in some meals so that you can avoid making impulse decisions. It is also a good idea for you portion some meals up for the week ahead as well. To do this, cook a large batch of food, and then freeze it. When you get home from work you then feel great knowing that your meal has already been cooked for you and that you don’t have to prepare anything. If you have had a long day, then you know that dinner is ready as soon as you walk in the door and this can work wonders for your weight loss.

There are many common obstacles to losing weight. You’re not alone! Read on for more tips and to learn more.

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