Work With Me

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I have enjoyed hearing from other parents, collaborating with bloggers, and working with companies and brands to explore great products for my fellow Mojitos & Munchkins readers. Do you have a suggestion, concern, piece of advice, collaborative idea or Dyson vacuum you want me to review? I would love to work with you and I love hearing from my readers!

Do you have a great “mom” story you’d like my readers to hear about? Send it my way and I’ll pass it on to my Mojitos & Munchkins family through you as a guest writer. If you are a blogger that would like to take part in my Spotlight Series, I’d love see if you’d be a match to be featured.

Do you have a product that you would like open and honest feedback on? Reach out and we can see if it is something that would be a good fit for us to work together on. I love to collaborate on projects that inspire me, and review products that I am passionate about.

If you’d like to collaborate with me, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me if you’d like!

**Disclaimer: While I do not at all claim to be a perfect parent, I can speak to what my experiences have been in life. I can tell you what has worked for me, what hasn’t worked for me, what I wish I had done differently, and what I learned along the way. More often than not, I feel like I am grossly unqualified to be a mom and feel like I know NOTHING about these tiny humans that occupy my time, energy, love, and life. I love to learn from others in the trenches {or those who have gone through the trenches and SURVIVED!}.

**There are occasional affiliate links in my posts which means that I might take a small concession at no extra cost to you. I only work with products that I know and love, or ones that I am willing to try because I think they would be a good fit for my Mojitos & Munchkins family. Thank you for helping me to support the brands that I love!