Antique Mirrors: 7 Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

You may think that an antique mirror is just a mirror, but in truth, there are many different types of antique mirrors available. If you are looking for an antique mirror and not sure what sort of style to choose for your home, then below is a guide to some of the most popular styles of antique mirrors that are available.

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Georgian Mirrors

Before you check out antique wall mirrors for sale, it is always a good idea to know what you are looking to purchase first. The Georgian era is popular as the decorations used were on a minimal scale. You often find that they are plain in design when compared to other styles, although you may see scrolled edges and beading in the design. These rectangular mirrors are known for their symmetry.


French Mirrors

French mirrors are also not as elaborately decorated as mirrors from other periods, and they will often have a geometric design. The designs of a French mirror will often include panelling and columns as well as hand bevelled designs incorporated into them. These types of mirrors were often placed above the fireplace, so can make a perfect addition to a living or dining room.

Regency Mirrors

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These types of mirrors were trendy in England during the 1800s, and they are usually oval, but not always. You typically find that the mirrors were finished in mahogany or gilded gold, and the designs usually included columns, floral and leaf designs, as well as friezes and cornices.

Rococo Mirrors

A Rococo mirror is typically a rectangular shape and will often have a simple frame. The frames were decorated with birds and feathers, leaves, ribbons, and flowers, with the ornate decorations typically at the top of the frame. Gilded gold is often used with asymmetrical mouldings, and you can usually find these in a cathedral shape which is in the form of an oval with a flat bottom.

Neo-Classical Mirrors

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Neo-classical mirrors are often found in either a rectangular or cathedral design, and the frames are also often gilded with gold or silver. They are a throwback to the popular style of architecture during the middle to the end of the 18th century and are often adorned with column or medallion carvings at the top of the mirror.

Gothic Mirrors

A Gothic mirror resembled a church window and was popular during the 12th to 16th centuries. The style of mirror incorporates intricate carving or scrolling and features a pointed arch at the top of the mirror. You often find that these mirrors are made from dark oak or walnut and this style so a resurgence in popularity in the 19th century.

Baroque Mirrors

Baroque mirrors come from the 17th century and feature Moorish influences as well as gold or silver gilding. These usually have carvings the same as Gothic mirrors, but not as elaborate and often feature flowers, fruits, leaves, and angels. The gothic style could also see ebony or tortoiseshell incorporated into the design.

These are a few of the different styles of antique mirrors that are available for collectors and consumers alike. Before you rush out and make a purchase, it is advisable to know how the pricing works, and you can get a lot of excellent information on and similar websites.

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