About Me

April is a writer, teacher, and mom to three, who believes in sarcasm, schedules, and homemade spaghetti sauce. After nearly a decade in the classroom, she is currently on a leave from her school and has dubbed it her SAHM Internship. She writes about life with her hubby and kids in their suburban midwest life, their travels, and all of the excitement (er, frustration?) that comes with living as a mom in the trenches of parenting. She also loves trying new recipes and sharing her favorites with her Mojitos & Munchkins readers. She loves using the creative outlet of writing to escape the chaos of a typical day. She loves movies, cocktails, lattes, the color purple, and day dates. She thinks the world could do without temper tantrums soup, the color navy, and temperatures that dip below 20 degrees.

I consider myself to be a realist, which is often translated to a jaded and disgruntled mommy.  I am overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed, and overly blessed by all that life has brought my way.  The challenge is remembering these blessings and not dwelling on the stresses.  I’m working on it….

Allow me to introduce you to the main characters of my life story.
Beware: These little cuties turn into holy terrors when they decide to board the insanity train. 

I have been blessed with good fortune as a writer, having been published on sites such as Scary Mommy, Confessions of Parenting, and Smart Mom. I am also a team member at Daily Mom, where I work as the Community Relations Manager.