4 Health Benefits Of Driving Less & Walking More

Driving is incredibly convenient, but is it a healthy lifestyle habit? I’ll answer that for you: No, it’s not! There are plenty of issues that come as a result of driving, but the best way to illustrate its effect on your health is to show the fantastic health benefits that arise when you cut down on driving and start walking more.

Improve your posture

One reason that driving is bad for your health is that it harms your posture. You’re sitting for hours on end most days anyway – because of work – so driving just adds to this sedentary lifestyle. As a result, your shoulders become rounded, and your hips become tight. This leads to pain in your back, which can impact everything you do in life. Take it from someone that’s suffered from lousy posture before; it ain’t pretty! If you get out of the car and walk more, then you’re in a more upright position where you can properly extend your spin, stretch out your hip flexors, and improve your posture.

Decrease your stress levels

Driving is one of the biggest causes of stress in life. When people are behind the wheel of a car, they turn into different beasts. You can get frustrated with other drivers, stressed about the traffic, and just generally annoyed at everything around you. By walking, you get rid of all this stress. You can stroll around enjoying fresh air, listening to music or a podcast, and properly enjoying life. It’s the perfect way to de-stress, particularly after a long day of work.

Reduce the risk of injuries

Yes, driving a car will always come with a degree of risk as you can’t rely on other drivers being as safe as you. You could be pottering along one day before you suddenly end up in a crash with your vehicle in a wreck. It doesn’t even need to be a significant accident to result in an injury – just being rear-ended can cause whiplash! When you walk, you’re much safer as accidents are less likely to happen. So, you can enjoy a more injury-free life!

Burn far more calories

It will surprise you how many calories you can burn by walking a decent amount every day. Most experts recommend 10,000 steps, which sounds like a lot but isn’t really that much. I would say it’s the equivalent of maybe an hours worth of walking per day, possibly less. For most people, this can burn up to 2,000 calories! Now, if you’re looking to lose weight, then this is so beneficial for you as it makes it much easier to get in the caloric deficit you need to banish body fat. On the contrary, driving won’t burn anywhere near as many calories, meaning you will find it easier to put on weight and harder to lose it.

The bottom line is that walking more and driving less is terrific for your health. If you were to adopt one healthy lifestyle habit this year, I recommend it’s to cut down on how much you drive.

Walking is great for kids and adults alike. There are many reasons to raise a heart healthy family.

Photo Credit: Pexels, Unsplash, Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash, Photo by Joshua Hanks on Unsplash


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