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Eyewear That Won’t Break the Bank

The last time I went to the eye doctor, I tried on a pair of glasses that were $675. That did NOT include the prescription frames I would need to make them worthwhile. Holy bananas! For something that is as vitally important as helping you SEE, but quite possibly one of the easiest thing to break and or lose, I just can’t rationalize spending that type of cash on glasses. That said, I want my eye ware to look stylish and feel comfortable. Thanks to my recent discovery of GlassesShop.com, I found a way to maximize on all of my wants....


Review:: REAL SHADES Kids’ Sunglasses for REAL kids

Mojitos & Munchkin’s Cliff’s Notes Summary: REAL KIDS SHADES offers REAL eyewear to REAL life munchkins at a REAListic price that parents will love. Meet my three sets of precious eye balls… These are the children I’ve been charged to raise. I have vowed to do everything in my power to keep their mouths fed, their bodies healthy, their brains challenged, and their mental well-beings one of safety and happiness. What I’m learning as a parent, is that everything I put into their lives now will impact their futures remarkably. What better asset to protect than their eyesight?? I’m so thankful to have a company like...

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