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Review:: Cozy Phones

Hey mamas, raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar…. Your toddler wants to wear headphones but none are the right size. The headsets are too big and the speakers are HUGE on their tiny heads. Because of the size disparity, the entire airplane can hear the Frozen soundtrack, but your child is too irritated that they keep sliding off that she JUST. CAN’T. HEAR. ANYTHING. Now your fellow passengers have screams and toddler rants on top of Elsa trying to Let It Go. Well, get ready to have your MINDS BLOWN. I know mine was. I have no idea how...


Review:: Kids Academy App (Plus Free Printable Worksheets)

I recently had a chance to review an app called Kids Academy. As a mother to young learners AND as an elementary teacher, I think this app warrants children using their screen time minutes. The app provides engaging hands-on learning experiences for Preschool and Kindergarten aged children.  Kids can learn through game-like play with many of the activities {yay for kids!}, but academics and early learning skills are at the core of each {yay for parents and teachers!}. Also, make sure to check out their free printable kindergarten worksheets!! Here is some information provided by the sponsor: The Preschool Education Center is an all-in-one...

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