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Shoot Along Photography Class:: Week 2

My second week of my photography short course was a fun one! This week, we focused on composition, which gave me an opportunity to try shooting with rule or thirds, leading lines and symmetry in mind. I really took advantage of our online community this week and relished in the many ideas and photograph ideas that were posted in our private FB group. That, in addition to comments from our two instructors, and I can easily say I learned a lot. My hands-on practice – and the results I’m seeing – continues to give me the confidence that I need to keep going!...


Attention Mammarazis: Learn how to take better photos!

  If you’re like me, you have a long lost camera hidden away in an office drawer somewhere. I used to own the book “Digital SLR Cameras for dummies” and carried it with me everywhere. When I traveled for work, it was in my carry-on. When I went on vacation, I tucked it into my suitcase thinking I would *finally* have the time to read it. When I went on long road trips with my family, it was at my passenger side feet just waiting to be thumbed through. This darn book sat on my bedside nightstand for no less...

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