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Review:: The Bug Bite Thing

This tiny, easy-to-pack, simple-to-use, summer accessory is arguably our new FAVORITE thing! When you live in Minnesota (a.k.a The land of 10,000 mosquitos), you begin associating summer months with big red scratchy welts on your body. We’ve accepted it as the way it is, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. Up until this summer, I was slathering questionable ingredients all over my children’s’ bodies to try and ease the pain and discomfort that comes with bug bites. After being introduced to The Bug Thing, those days are gone. Now, only a quick 30 seconds stand between the...


Summer Activities That Help Your Child Grow

Who doesn’t love summer? If you come across someone who doesn’t… They are probably not to be trusted. After all, so many wonderful things come with it! There is a challenge, though: How do you keep all of your kids – with their different ages and interests – busy and engaged while ensuring that you don’t go crazy trying to please everyone? This infographic from TakeLessons.com gives some great ideas on activities that are fun, but will help your child grow and learn. And who knows, you might even get a little extra relaxation time!   Special thanks to Natalie from...


5 Products That Have Me SCREAMING For Summer

How do I love summer? Let me count thy ways… Sunny skies that bask us in light long after kids should be asleep. Ice cream trucks and pool parties. Beach days and popsicles. Exploring new parks and long afternoon bike rides. Zoo visits and vacations and play dates with friends. Lounging in the hammock. A good book under a big shade tree. Sweaty bodies and iced drinks. Cold showers. Lemonade stands. Minimal scheduling. Relaxation. Family Swimming Pool The best investment we have possibly ever made as a family came from a Walmart Roll-Back Clearance Special. Stay with me, here. It started with...


Mojitos & Munchkins featured on UNICEF Kid Power

Awhile back, I collaborated with UNICEF on a fitness post. Since then, we have been in touch and my little family was recently featured on their blog. Finding Fitness In Your Own Backyard was a fun post to collaborate on, as our backyard is the lifeline of our home! From swim parties to ice skating parties, theme parties to kids’ birthday parties, our backyard is where all the action happens!! What is UNICEF Kid Power, you ask? Simply put, it is an organization that gives KIDS the POWER to save lives. What an inspirational message that is, and how powerful to put...


Keeping Kids Active Through the Seasons

With three young kids, it is no surprise that I am a mom on the go. Our family stays active with a variety of activities, but none more so than our “backyard fun.” My husband and I were both raised in small town Iowa, which means our fun came in the form of backyard shenanigans with friends, family baseball games, and local sports teams. Now as Minnesotans, we have tried to incorporate our small town roots with our current suburban lifestyle. We have learned to embrace each changing season, and create activities that celebrate the joys of all types of...


Dear Fall,

Dear Fall, As a teacher, you are always met with such a mix of emotions. You make me say goodbye to a summer of blessed opportunity to spend time with my three kiddos. You are a new beginning, a fresh start, and a reunion of family that I have missed over the past few months. You smell sweet, you feel breezy, you clothe us with warm sweaters and tall boots, you taste like pumpkin spice lattes and warmed hot chocolate, you look brown and earthy yet beautiful and majestic. How can one season come with such a mix of emotions?...

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