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Review:: Caveman Coffee

I was recently introduced to Caveman Coffee, and boy am I thankful I was. They are a company that is not only inspiring in their collections but also with their staff. With their bold flavors and choices aplenty, Caveman Coffee is something to check into! From my first sip, I could feel myself slipping into caveman status – seriously, I think I actually grew chest hair thanks to their Blacklisted bean. Holy WAKE ME UP. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Thankfully, I had some of their Peppermint Chamomile Tea to bring back my sleepy time zen at the...


Review:: Daily Goodie Box

Just when you think the world is cynical and bitter and everyone is out for themselves, Daily Goodie Box steps in and reminds you that there is kindness, thoughtfulness, selflessness, and good all around. SO much good. With one simple package, I felt like it was Christmas + my birthday + Costco sample day all rolled into one. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! What is Daily Goodie Box you ask? Oh, how happy I am you’re interested. Read on… Daily Goodie Box Daily Goodie Box is exactly what it sounds like. To put it in layman’s terms, let me break it down for you:...


Review:: Starlight Baby

A onesie to an infant is as synonymous as the chocolate chip is to a cookie. If the littlest person in your life is going to wear a onesie anyway, why not get them the best onesie on the block? Starlight Baby offers just that. Quality onesies that are adorable, funny, and memorable. You could even get your very own Mojitos & Munchkins onesie, which is simply TO DIE FOR in my humble opinion. {Cute toddler not included. Ha.} What is Starlight Baby? Helping Your Little Star Shine. We all know that babes are the star of a room. Dress them in...


Kid Things:: Shopping Solution for Busy Parents

I just had the best experience shopping for clothes for my three – count them, THREE, children. Imagine this: I got to casually and calmly browse clothing. For three kids. Without getting a sitter. Without leaving my house. With a stylist searching for options exclusively for my little ones.  No stress. No snacks. No problem. Thanks to Kid Things, I kept my cool and scored some majorly cute finds for my cuties. What is Kid Things? In short, Kid Things is a convenient way for busy parents to purchase clothing for their children. If Stitch Fix and Amazon Prime were to have a love...


Minneapolis Based Driven Coffee:: My New Reason to Wake Up!

A morning person, I am not. However, my recent discovery of Driven Coffee has perked me up and given me encouragement in getting out of bed in the morning. Let me set the scene – I have three young children at my house. They wake up looooooong before I’d like to, so when my feet hit the ground there’s no turning back. There is no gradual release from my slumber to my day. It is a full throttle, guns a barreling, take-no-prisoners mentality to the day. How Do I Take My Coffee? I can’t claim to be a coffee connoisseur. I...


Review:: Cozy Phones

Hey mamas, raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar…. Your toddler wants to wear headphones but none are the right size. The headsets are too big and the speakers are HUGE on their tiny heads. Because of the size disparity, the entire airplane can hear the Frozen soundtrack, but your child is too irritated that they keep sliding off that she JUST. CAN’T. HEAR. ANYTHING. Now your fellow passengers have screams and toddler rants on top of Elsa trying to Let It Go. Well, get ready to have your MINDS BLOWN. I know mine was. I have no idea how...


Review:: Pad Of Planes by Yelling Yak

What do fun paper designs + unique airplane folding instructions + a 7-year old boy have in common?? If you guessed that all point to a REALLY FUN night of FAMILY EXCITEMENT and building the COOLEST PAPER AIRPLANES YOU’LL EVER SEE, then you are absolutely correct! We recently received Pad of Planes from Yelling Yak and cannot say enough GOOD about it. From initially opening the pad of papers, it was obvious to see that the designs were BRIGHT and COLORFUL and would be exciting for a kid of any age. Upon further examination, I was overly joyed {as a parent} to find that the...


Review:: REAL SHADES Kids’ Sunglasses for REAL kids

Mojitos & Munchkin’s Cliff’s Notes Summary: REAL KIDS SHADES offers REAL eyewear to REAL life munchkins at a REAListic price that parents will love. Meet my three sets of precious eye balls… These are the children I’ve been charged to raise. I have vowed to do everything in my power to keep their mouths fed, their bodies healthy, their brains challenged, and their mental well-beings one of safety and happiness. What I’m learning as a parent, is that everything I put into their lives now will impact their futures remarkably. What better asset to protect than their eyesight?? I’m so thankful to have a company like...

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