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Review:: Fabric Loveseat Sofa with Pillows in Purple from Best Choice Products

Up for review today is a Fabric Loveseat Sofa With Pillows from Best Choice Products.  Inside The Box When a big box arrives at your doorstep, it can be intimidating as much as it is exciting. In this case, there is no need to feel the slightest bit anxious at assembling a new couch! In fact, one of my favorite features is how easy it was to put together. No joke. Assembly is FAST – With only 2 parts to put together to assemble the couch itself and then screwing in the 4 legs on the bottom. The box contained...


Mid-Summer Reflection

Summer is in full swing – and, as always, threatening to come and go MUCH faster than we would prefer. The Mojitos & Munchkins crew has had a busy – but exciting – few months of summer so far. Check out seven of our highlights! The Start of Summer Gone are the days of early morning rising, running to catch the school bus, and math homework at nights. Also gone are the days of schedules and time management, activities and running amuck. This summer, our goal has been to RELAX and BREATHE. We have tried *VERY* hard to stick to a...


6 Products You Can’t Live Without During a Kitchen Remodel

My family is currently undergoing a major kitchen remodel. While we contracted the project out, we also took on a portion of the duties ourselves to save cost and stay on budget. This means that we are displaced, eating like we are living in a college dorm, and running on nothing but caffeine and overwhelmed anxiety. Oh, did I mention we have three young kids? We’ve done as much as we can to promote the family sleepover aspect as we snuggle together for 8 weeks in our basement. It’s largely been doable and, dare I say, parts of it have been fun??, in...


Searching for a vanity? Look no further…

If you’re looking for a beautiful vanity set like I was this holiday season, you’ll want to check out the Tri-Mirror Vanity set by Best Choice Products. SIMPLE to build, QUALITY material, TOP NOTCH! Who is this for? This vanity set is elegant enough to be used in a master bathroom, but also simple enough to be used in a child or teenager’s room. Whether you put it in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room entry space, this vanity will enhance the look of any room. What are the goods and bads? Disclaimer: I tried to find even a simple...

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They say home is where the heart is, and that is true for me.  As a 33 year old woman, working and living in a place hundreds of miles from where I grew up, “home” will always be my place of origin… Ollie, Iowa.  To me, home involves memories, my safe place, my comfort.  When my beautiful offspring enter the area of my home, all is perfect in the world.

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