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Day 2: Presence Over Presents

Throughout my childhood, I remember wanting…. Wanting name brand jeans, wanting the newest CD, wanting the coolest gadget. And not receiving those items. Until a holiday or birthday. There was definitely no “getting something new for the sake of getting something new.” Nor would I have considered it an option. You see, gifts at my house were reserved for special occasions. It was another reminder of just how blessed we were to celebrate Christmas and have a special exclusive day in our honor. We may not have been royalty every day of the year, but on Christmas and Birthdays, you...


Homemade Funnel Cakes

When you get your hopes up for your annual funnel cake at the local 4th of July festivities… And show up to find a bizarre looking food cart named “The Healthy & Fit Cafe” in its’ place, you have options: 1.) You play the part of your toddler and go all “someone stole my toy” right then and there, breaking into both tears and rants OR 2.) You take the high road and vow to DIY the heck out of a funnel cake just as soon as you get to the store to buy the prerequisite gallon of cooking oil....


When Christmas isn’t Christmas Anymore… Responding to Grief and Loss

I remember the first Christmas without my mom. I was 30 years old, a mother of one with another on the way, and the solo girl amongst a sea of men in my core family. I remember wanting to skip the holidays that year; Wanting to wish them away, wanting them to cease to exist. Then, December 1st came and everything changed. A lifetime of Christmas overload was pushed to the forefront, as I painstakingly remembered the pure glee my mom exhibited each year as she strung the tinsel. She would ooh and aaah over each ornament, despite the fact...


Holiday Withdrawal for Kids

If your life mimics mine at all, you’re slowly trying to dig yourself out of the holiday highs. For over a week, your children have dined on peanut butter balls and sugar cookies. A break from school has allotted them late night movies and cousin slumber parties. Holiday travel and stays away from home have given way to… {shriek} … a break from three balanced(ish) meals a day. As a parent, I can intelligently know that this is all a recipe for disaster. Yet, we let it happen because (after all), it is the holidays. And as I’ve come to...


Happy Holiday From Mojitos and Munchkins

Wishing all of my Mojitos & Munchkins readers the happiest of holidays!! One of our annual family traditions is to dress in our “bests” for the Gott family get-together. This year was no exception, and we invite you to join us in voting for your favorite. Please click here to visit the voting page!! Wishing you a happy & healthy 2017! Love – April


Our 4th of July fun… Crafts. Kids’ parade. Hot dog bar.

Happy Independence Day from Mojitos & Munchkins! My little MUNCHKINS had a fun week leading up to the 4th, helping me put together decorations and party food for our annual 4th of July bash. And I may or may not have had a few MOJITOS to sample drinks. Hey, a good host wouldn’t want to serve her guests bad drinks, right?? Thanks to Hostess with the Mostest, Saving by Design, and Glue Dots for their inspiration!

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