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Day 2: Presence Over Presents

Throughout my childhood, I remember wanting…. Wanting name brand jeans, wanting the newest CD, wanting the coolest gadget. And not receiving those items. Until a holiday or birthday. There was definitely no “getting something new for the sake of getting something new.” Nor would I have considered it an option. You see, gifts at my house were reserved for special occasions. It was another reminder of just how blessed we were to celebrate Christmas and have a special exclusive day in our honor. We may not have been royalty every day of the year, but on Christmas and Birthdays, you...


Review {and GIVEAWAY} :: STEM At Play kits

****Our STEM giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Our lucky winner is Sarah Gillespie, who will get a STEM kit of her choice! Congrats Sarah…. We hope you enjoy your STEM-tastic kit of fun!!**** After seeing STEM at Play kits pop up during my Amazon browsing a time or two, I was absolutely delighted to get my hands on two of their kits. Splash! Water Science Lab Kit is just as you would imagine for children…. A wacky watery wonderland of WOW and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously, the kit itself is way better than my ability to use alliteration...

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