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Spotlight Series:: Bleeping Motherhood

I am honored and excited to share my next spotlight feature with you. Bleeping Motherhood makes me laugh, leads me to tears (after so much laughter), guides me straight to the wine fridge, and leaves me wishing we could meet face to face to sort out all of life’s issues. Seriously, I’m convinced if Bleeping Motherhood and Mojitos & Munchkins could meet for a happy hour, all would be right in the universe.   Bleeping Motherhood When I first ran across Bleeping Motherhood, I believe it was a funny post on Facebook that caught my eye. Something about wine being...


Spotlight Series:: Midlife Margaritas

This week, our spotlight shines on Midlife Margaritas. The woman behind the blog is Missy Farrow and she focuses on midlife, parenting, and cocktails with a side of humor! She is ridiculously funny and is a blogger I look forward to interacting with on social media daily. Missy swears a little, laughs a lot, and is in constant contact with her computer. Oh, and she is currently writing a book. How cool is that? Missy calls North Carolina home and loves all of the “material” that comes her way simply by living this crazy thing called life. With a hubby and two children (college...

Mom Video:  What Does the Kid Say? 0

Mom Video: What Does the Kid Say?

This.  Is.  HILARIOUS. Check out this mom from MyLifeSuckers.com and her parody of “What Does a Fox Say?” I think all you moms will easily be able to appreciate her words 🙂 Enjoy!

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