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Family Fun Days: Attainable & Doable Ideas

Family Fun Days are like a holiday around here, and we try to schedule them about once every other month. I won’t lie, when the day actually rolls around, it is typically referred to as FORCED Family Fun Day. What seems like a fun, simple outing can often be complicated by the personalities in the vehicle and the moods of the moments. It is safe to say that we haven’t been on a single Family Fun Day without tears from someone (adults included!).  See some of our favorite Family Fun Days below. APPLE ORCHARD/ WINERY: A WINNING COMBINATION We love...


Review:: BCP Kids 6V Electric Ride On Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Spring is in the air. The Minnesota winter is thawing, and we’re all anxious to be outside. It is officially time to bring down the bikes, open up the sandbox, and set up the pool. Okay, okay, I may be getting a little ahead of myself on the pool idea. Either way, the warm air has been inviting us outside and we’re taking advantage of sunny skies and spring jacket weather. One of our favorite new toys is an electric ride on motorcycle dirt bike with training wheels from Best Choice Products. Our family found this to be the perfect...


The Family Guide to Filling Out NCAA Brackets

It’s that time of year once again. College basketball fans worldwide are scheduling PTO days or cashing in their “sick days” and faking coughs and runny noses. March Madness is upon us and only a few days remain to get our brackets filled out. How do you make your choices? How do you get your family involved? How To Pick The Winners Check out these fun ideas on how to get your family involved in March Madness! Children of ALL ages can have a blast filling out their brackets, and these are just a few ways that we’ve done with with...


Review:: Pad Of Planes by Yelling Yak

What do fun paper designs + unique airplane folding instructions + a 7-year old boy have in common?? If you guessed that all point to a REALLY FUN night of FAMILY EXCITEMENT and building the COOLEST PAPER AIRPLANES YOU’LL EVER SEE, then you are absolutely correct! We recently received Pad of Planes from Yelling Yak and cannot say enough GOOD about it. From initially opening the pad of papers, it was obvious to see that the designs were BRIGHT and COLORFUL and would be exciting for a kid of any age. Upon further examination, I was overly joyed {as a parent} to find that the...

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