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Featured Post on Wandering Wednesday

Hey Mojitos & Munchkins readers! I recently learned that I am being featured on Wandering Wednesday today. Head on over to Confessions of Parenting to check it out and see some of the other great submissions. You can also join in yourself by adding your link and sharing some of your best work. I will see you there! Advertisements


An Open Letter to My Students: You Are Loved

TO MY IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE STUDENTS To my immigrant and refugee students, I am a better educator because I have worked with you. You have taught me that there is more to the school day than academics and checking off the standards. Through you, I have learned to respect other cultures, to embrace change and difference, and to test my own perspectives. Through you, I have learned that teaching in the real world is much different than how it was portrayed in my college textbooks. Every learner is different, that I knew. But with each learner bringing their strengths and challenges...


Mojitos & Munchkins featured on UNICEF Kid Power

Awhile back, I collaborated with UNICEF on a fitness post. Since then, we have been in touch and my little family was recently featured on their blog. Finding Fitness In Your Own Backyard was a fun post to collaborate on, as our backyard is the lifeline of our home! From swim parties to ice skating parties, theme parties to kids’ birthday parties, our backyard is where all the action happens!! What is UNICEF Kid Power, you ask? Simply put, it is an organization that gives KIDS the POWER to save lives. What an inspirational message that is, and how powerful to put...


Mojitos & Munchkins featured on SmartMom

You guys, I’m borderline FREAKING OUT right now. Yeah, yeah, if I’m going to make it in the blogging world (seriously, that’s a thing), I should play it cool when good things come my way. HOWEVER, I’m geeking out over the fact that my little site, Mojitos & Munchkins, was featured on SmartMom. What to the WHAT??? Check it out here, friends!  

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