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The Perfect Summery Day Drink

Don’t let the title of this post scare you into thinking this is only a “day drink.” No one is saying you can’t drink it at night too! It’s so good you’ll be making variations around the clock. Inspired by my friend Heather over at Cookies for Breakfast, I decided to try this SIMPLE and YUMMY drink concoction myself. Boy, am I glad I did! Holy YUM! The recipe is everything I love about a good concoction: Super simple, minimal ingredients, and delicious! What you need ✔ seltzer water, any flavor ✔ fresh fruit ✔ ice It REALLY is that...


Make Something Monday:: Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli

One of my favorite foodie bloggers is Chungah, over at Damn Delicious. I ran across her site a few years ago and have been powering my way through her recipe drawer, one “Quick & Easy” page at a time. Not only do I respect her ability to use a curse word in her blog title, but I appreciate her ability to make recipes that are DOABLE and MANAGEABLE for the common mom. And if I could think of any phrase to describe me, it would, in fact be: “Common mom.” This common mom tested the Beef & Broccoli recipe last year....


EASY (and yummy) pizza crust

Raise your hand if you LOVE pizza?? Me too! Check out this amazingly EASY and YUMMY DIY pizza crust that will make you erase Pizza Hut from speed dial. We make this at our house weekly, and my kids love being a part of the experience. When my daughter’s daycare serves pizza at school, I grab one of these mini crusts out of the freezer to send with her. Easy. Cheap. Inclusive. Amazing. The Best Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe Here are a few notes I would add: This recipe makes more than one pizza, which is perfect for hungry nights OR...


How I turned into a “Home Cookin'” Kind of Mom

I am a full time working mother of three…. You think I have hours to spend over boiling pots and meat thermometers?? HECK, NO. I don’t even own a meat thermometer. My style of cooking has always been to rotate between store bought taco shells, frozen pizza and hot dogs. Hey, I’m technically cooking each of these things, so I AM a home cook. Right?? Then, one day, I gave birth to my beautiful little allergy baby. The one whose system is far too precious for the likes of eggs or dairy. I remember going to Whole Foods for the first time...

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