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Review:: BCP Toy Kids Pretend Doctor Playset Suitcase W/ Medical Kit, Music, and Sounds

Hey friends! Up for review today is an engaging and exciting Doctor Playset Suitcase,¬†built for the tiny doctors in your life. The rolling wheels at the bottom of the suitcase make kids feel like a REAL traveling doctor or pet vet, and the contents inside are all that you need to fix the animals and humans in your life.¬†Complete with all of the necessary supplies to feel like a real professional, every medical need can be properly attended to. The Doc is IN! Inside The Box The plastic suitcase is adorned with an adorable bear in a white doctor’s coat...


Three Blind Mice

Getting your eyes dilated is never great. The odd blurriness, the inability to drive, the wait time before it all gets better. Want to know what’s even worse? Taking three kids under the age of 6 to have their eyes dilated…. After a full day of school/ daycare when they are exhausted… During dinner time… And having the appointment wrap up well after bedtime. EEEEEEK. What were we thinking?? We sat in the waiting room slowly waiting for the effects of the dilation drops to take affect and as they did, we watched in awe as our 1, 4 &...

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