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Homemade Latte Recipe & Coffee Giveaway

**Coffee giveaway in this post!** In a sad realization that I could fund a child’s college tuition with what I was spending at coffee shops, I decided it was time to make a small change. And by small, perhaps I should say a Venti change? {Eh? Eh? See what I did there?} I now make my own homemade lattes and they are easy, yummy, & doable. See for yourself! Why I Make My Own Cost. Gone are the days of swinging through the drive-through and dropping $5 on my beloved grande Vanilla Latte, my medium Northern Lite Latte, or my venti Cafe Latte....


Election Day Printables

Election Day 2016 was certainly a historical moment. The day itself was one filled with hope and promise, as I was able to take my daughters to vote for the first women to ever be listed on a presidential ticket. My daughters will forever know that they are capable and worthy of doing anything they want in their lifetimes. That’s a pretty cool feeling. To get us in the spirit, we made Voter Registration Cards, filled out our official family ballots, and prepared to color in electoral votes as coverage results came in (though nothing rolled in until after bedtime…. Maybe next...

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