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Choosing To Walk

Our family walks in an annual charity walk to raise funds and awareness for blood cancers. For us, this is an event that began in a desperate need to hold tight to the memory of my beloved mother. Over time, it has become a laugh-filled walk full of memories, shared stories, and a guaranteed calendar spot where the stars align for far-away family to be together.  What happens when this yearly event is plagued with tornadic activity and terrible storms, and subsequently cancelled? We walk. We choose to walk, despite the clouds, despite the rain, despite the cold.  We walk....


Mojitos & Munchkins Gives Back

Dear World, Thanks to a recent post by Eventbrite, I’m left reflecting on how I choose to give back and better this universe I live in. Charitable donations have always been held close to my heart, and as a family, we have chosen companies and organizations that we dedicate a portion of our finances to each year. When it comes to making donations, it easily feels like there are thousands of people, families, groups, organizations, and companies that are in need of our contributions. Every day as I scroll through my Facebook feed, there is tragedy, trauma and unmistakable pain. My...

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