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Spotlight Series:: Bright Life Studio

Bright Life Studio was created for women {and men!} to have an invaluable space for trying, failing, creating, and succeeding. And really, when you think about it, what else exists in life than each of those things? All too often, we are compared to others, hard on ourselves, and listening to advice from strangers on how to be real. BLS allows you to be comfortable with who you are AND confidence in who you are.  Their message is simple: Boldy Be You. Meet Katy This week, we are getting to know 1/3 of the writing staff at Bright Lite Studio. Along with her co-authors, Meredith &...


Spotlight Series:: A Tired Mama Who NEEDS Caffeine

It is my absolute honor to highlight and showcase my next spotlight series blogger. Niki, from Toots Mom Is Tired, is someone who I have come to admire and look up to in the blogging world. We share a similar blogging readership, and much like me, she is TIRED and CRAVING CAFFEINE. Constantly. Niki is taking the blogging world by storm, writing #reallife about what mom life is REALLY like when you spend your time with a toddler. Additionally, she carves out time – on top of her paying life gig – to help others succeed. Some of her top...

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