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Spotlight Series:: Very Anxious Mommy

At Very Anxious Mommy, you will find tips on Natural Parenting, Green Living, Motherhood & Marriage, and a plethora of resources on the above and more! While parenting and living with a family may have the been starting point of her blog, it is evident that her love for helping all is incorporated. She enjoys helping families, other bloggers, and the budget minded. Meet Heather Heather, from Very Anxious Mommy, considers herself to be a semi-crunchy, green-living mommy who does everything she can to be the best parent she can be. The thing that I respect about Heather most is her raw...


Shoot Along Photography Class:: Week 2

My second week of my photography short course was a fun one! This week, we focused on composition, which gave me an opportunity to try shooting with rule or thirds, leading lines and symmetry in mind. I really took advantage of our online community this week and relished in the many ideas and photograph ideas that were posted in our private FB group. That, in addition to comments from our two instructors, and I can easily say I learned a lot. My hands-on practice – and the results I’m seeing – continues to give me the confidence that I need to keep going!...


Review:: Post Pal Club

At our house, we love to take it old school and write actual letters. You know, the kind that requires a stamp and a short walk to the mailbox, followed by participation from the US Postal Service and appropriate wait time for a response. Ah, the nostalgia of wait time and pencil-and-paper writing in this fast paced world set by technology. It’s refreshing, to say the least. When I first heard about the Post Pal Club, I was excited about the simplicity of personalized pre-stamped post cards that came ready for my children to write and send! When I saw the cute designs...


Spotlight Series:: More With Four

Naomi Pelss is a wife and mother of four children, ages 12, 10, 7 and 1.  Her youngest blessing came when she was 41 years old.  Naomi is the manager of a child care center, and has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for almost twenty years.  She blogs about her parenting journey at  Some of her posts are informative, some are sentimental, and some of her posts are funny.  All of her posts are honest and real. Meet Naomi Since crossing paths with MoreWithFour, I myself have been a faithful follower. She is a blogger that I look up to,...


Book:: Choose Healthy Live Happy

I had the honor of reviewing a fellow mom’s newly published book – Choose Healthy Live Happy: Take Your Family From Sick and Surviving to Healthy and Thriving – and I couldn’t put it down. For those of you who know my Mojitos & Munchkins family personally, you know that “Sick and surviving” is the perfect way to describe our clan over the past several years. We came to accept it for what it was and used the excuses of “we have young kids in daycare, so…..” and “everyone else is sick too, it’s just the season,” before we realized...


Shoot Along Photography Course – Week 1

My first week of my first ever photography class is officially in the books! Learning from two great photography mom instructors has its’ perks, plus add in an amazing community of online support from others learning how to navigate their cameras, and I’d call it a full-on success! While I won’t go into specifics on the lessons that are taught and the suggestions they give (Sorry, those are the best kept secrets that you learn when taking the class!), I will tell you the things that I loved about my first class with Shoot Along. Things I love about Shoot Along...


The Newest Mammarazi on the Block

Dear Mojitos & Munchkins family, It is no secret that I like love strongly adore photographing my children. Where they see me, they see a mom fanatically taking photos. My mammarazi’ing has taken on different phases throughout my years. Pre-children, I could be seen proudly carrying around my Digital SLR camera, properly worn around my neck while shooting, and just-as-properly put away in its’ traveling case when I wasn’t. Child #1 came around, and I continued to document every big (and small) milestone, but eventually gave up on “properly” wearing the neck strap. After all, kids move so damn fast that...


Spotlight Series:: Sweet Tea & Baby Brie

One look at the beautiful website, Sweet Tea & Baby Brie, and you’ll want to keep scrolling and clicking. Her layout is user-friendly, her categories pronounced, her artistry noticed. Stephanie uses her blog as a way to connect with mommas who, like her, are making life work! She is embracing the sticky and the tedious and loving life. From sharing her favorite recipes to telling us about her favorite things, Sweet Tea & Baby Brie will share it all. Traveling, Family, Pregnancy and Wellness are also areas that Stephanie likes to share about. No matter what your interest, you’ll find that...


The Family Guide to Filling Out NCAA Brackets

It’s that time of year once again. College basketball fans worldwide are scheduling PTO days or cashing in their “sick days” and faking coughs and runny noses. March Madness is upon us and only a few days remain to get our brackets filled out. How do you make your choices? How do you get your family involved? How To Pick The Winners Check out these fun ideas on how to get your family involved in March Madness! Children of ALL ages can have a blast filling out their brackets, and these are just a few ways that we’ve done with with...

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