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Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss and Remembrance

Of all of the amazing gifts, tributes, hugs, and messages that I received following the death of my mom, this phenomenal journal has been an absolute Godsend.  A friend gave this to me to help me process my feelings and memorialize my thoughts. My journal writing is typically accompanied by caffeine or wine…. A breakfast pastry or a cupcake… A coffee shop or a wine bar.  I consider my journaling time as my “away time with my mom.”  I also consider my journaling time as my own person sanity restoration project.  This book has the perfect mix of quotes and...

Two Kisses for Maddie by Matthew Logelin 0

Two Kisses for Maddie by Matthew Logelin

  Short Version:  LOVE!!!!!!!! Long(er) Version:  This book was so beautifully written; a mixture of angst, devastation, and love. The first few chapters were taken straight from my journal – A story of a hard fought pregnancy filled with extreme morning sickness, months of bed rest, and fear of the unknown.  I felt an instant connection with the story and couldn’t wait to read more.  Throughout the rest of the book, the author focuses on his journey of grief and the inspiration of his beautiful daughter.  He is a true testament of the importance of putting one foot in front...

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