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The Mojitos & Munchkins Spotlight Series is our way of giving back. There is no way to properly thank all those that helped Mojitos & Munchkins get their feet wet in the blogging world, so we do this as a way of paying it forward. If you, or someone you know, thinks you would be a good fit for our readers, please submit an entry. We would love to hear from you and feature more amazing people, organizations, groups, blogs, and sites!


Spotlight Series:: A Family Blog That You Will Fall In Love With

My spotlight this week shines brightly on a New England family that loves to live in the moment. Will and Sam’s Fam is a refreshing site that chronicles the crazy lives of two parents who have no idea what they’re doing but have managed to fake their way to success thus far. They claim to have a messy house, dirty dishes, piles of laundry and a love for the life they’ve created together. By all accounts, we may just be long lost friends. After all, I also have a messy house, dirty dishes, and piles of laundry. Hmmmm…. Do you think, just...


Spotlight Series:: Bright Life Studio

Bright Life Studio was created for women {and men!} to have an invaluable space for trying, failing, creating, and succeeding. And really, when you think about it, what else exists in life than each of those things? All too often, we are compared to others, hard on ourselves, and listening to advice from strangers on how to be real. BLS allows you to be comfortable with who you are AND confidence in who you are.  Their message is simple: Boldy Be You. Meet Katy This week, we are getting to know 1/3 of the writing staff at Bright Lite Studio. Along with her co-authors, Meredith &...


Spotlight Series:: Safer Skincare, Laid Back Summers, and Mom Life

This week, my spotlight shines on a mom of two who believes in health, beauty, and family. Jody is a consultant at Beauty Counter. Jody’s Beauty Counter is a business website for a 3-year-old startup company, a B-Corporation called Beautycounter. Our mission is “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” Included on the website is information every parent should know about the hazards associated with the products we are putting on our bodies and on the bodies of our children every day. There is a wealth of information on the website about the personal care and beauty industry in...


Spotlight Series:: Bleeping Motherhood

I am honored and excited to share my next spotlight feature with you. Bleeping Motherhood makes me laugh, leads me to tears (after so much laughter), guides me straight to the wine fridge, and leaves me wishing we could meet face to face to sort out all of life’s issues. Seriously, I’m convinced if Bleeping Motherhood and Mojitos & Munchkins could meet for a happy hour, all would be right in the universe.   Bleeping Motherhood When I first ran across Bleeping Motherhood, I believe it was a funny post on Facebook that caught my eye. Something about wine being...


Spotlight Series:: Very Anxious Mommy

At Very Anxious Mommy, you will find tips on Natural Parenting, Green Living, Motherhood & Marriage, and a plethora of resources on the above and more! While parenting and living with a family may have the been starting point of her blog, it is evident that her love for helping all is incorporated. She enjoys helping families, other bloggers, and the budget minded. Meet Heather Heather, from Very Anxious Mommy, considers herself to be a semi-crunchy, green-living mommy who does everything she can to be the best parent she can be. The thing that I respect about Heather most is her raw...


Spotlight Series:: Sweet Tea & Baby Brie

One look at the beautiful website, Sweet Tea & Baby Brie, and you’ll want to keep scrolling and clicking. Her layout is user-friendly, her categories pronounced, her artistry noticed. Stephanie uses her blog as a way to connect with mommas who, like her, are making life work! She is embracing the sticky and the tedious and loving life. From sharing her favorite recipes to telling us about her favorite things, Sweet Tea & Baby Brie will share it all. Traveling, Family, Pregnancy and Wellness are also areas that Stephanie likes to share about. No matter what your interest, you’ll find that...


Spotlight Series:: A Tired Mama Who NEEDS Caffeine

It is my absolute honor to highlight and showcase my next spotlight series blogger. Niki, from Toots Mom Is Tired, is someone who I have come to admire and look up to in the blogging world. We share a similar blogging readership, and much like me, she is TIRED and CRAVING CAFFEINE. Constantly. Niki is taking the blogging world by storm, writing #reallife about what mom life is REALLY like when you spend your time with a toddler. Additionally, she carves out time – on top of her paying life gig – to help others succeed. Some of her top...


Spotlight Series:: A New Blogger With a Passion for Writing What Is REAL

I am excited to introduce you all to a new blogger, Brittany, who shares her life at Parenthood Rant. Brittany is a proud mommy to two beautiful babes, who she considers the loves of her life. She writes openly and honestly about parenting, depression, and her life experiences and welcomes other bloggers to share their stories as well. Brittany has always been passionate about writing and hopes to use her blog as a connecting point to help others feel validated, heard, understood, and appreciated. My goal with Parenthood Rant is simply this; I want to reiterate that I want to...


Spotlight Series:: Shop Annie’s Website

This week, our spotlight shines on ShopAnnies. A blogger since 2008, Angela highlights recipes, tips, contests and giveaways. From her crockpot brownies to her Strawberry Lime Margarita Cupcakes, she has introduced me to recipes I want to try. I love how thorough she is in her recipe posts and her attention to detail – This definitely comes in handy when attempting to replicate her kitchen goodies. ShopAnnie’s is a place where you can expect a post almost daily… Which means she certainly puts me to shame 🙂 Meet Angela Church Before you head over to her website, take a few minutes to get to...


Spotlight Series:: Midlife Margaritas

This week, our spotlight shines on Midlife Margaritas. The woman behind the blog is Missy Farrow and she focuses on midlife, parenting, and cocktails with a side of humor! She is ridiculously funny and is a blogger I look forward to interacting with on social media daily. Missy swears a little, laughs a lot, and is in constant contact with her computer. Oh, and she is currently writing a book. How cool is that? Missy calls North Carolina home and loves all of the “material” that comes her way simply by living this crazy thing called life. With a hubby and two children (college...

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