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Wordless Wednesday:: Snow in June?



Attention Mammarazis: Learn how to take better photos!

  If you’re like me, you have a long lost camera hidden away in an office drawer somewhere. I used to own the book “Digital SLR Cameras for dummies” and carried it with me everywhere. When I traveled for work, it was in my carry-on. When I went on vacation, I tucked it into my suitcase thinking I would *finally* have the time to read it. When I went on long road trips with my family, it was at my passenger side feet just waiting to be thumbed through. This darn book sat on my bedside nightstand for no less...


Spotlight Saturday:: Meet A Family Focused Photographer Who Wants to Inspire Others…

This week, our spotlight shines on Jenna Arvidson, of Among The Wildflowers Photography. Based out of Monument, Colorado, Jenna’s mantra is: “Encouraging moms and photographers to laugh, grow, and enjoy every day.” If you’re geographically in her area, you can get in touch for affordable options on documenting your memories. If you’re not physically near her – like us Midwestern folks – you can STILL take advantage of her skills! Jenna offers a blog that she hopes will inspire moms (and others) to take pictures on their own! Her blog has helpful advice such as 10 Steps to Nail Your First...


Pinterest Fail – Newborn Baby Style

Oh, Pinterest, I love you. Your creative ideas provide inspiration and make me feel like anything is possible. Even when it’s not… The recipes you give me turn out different in my kitchen. The “potty-training in 2 seconds” approaches you give me simply do not work on my real life kids. The DIY home projects typically leave me calling in a professional because I’ve made the place-in-question-area worse than it originally started. Yet, like the dirty ex-boyfriend you are, I keep crawling back for “one more time.” So here we are again. This time, I searched within you for “Fall newborn photo shoots.”...

bliss. 0


With this one collage of simple photos spanning 5 years, I am incredibly blissed out of my mind….  And my heart is complete.

The Truth Behind the Photo 0

The Truth Behind the Photo

Here it is folks…. The behind-the-scenes truth of what family photo shoots with tiny humans is REALLY like! Take away the bribes, the threats, the snacks and the good luck and what you have is an accurate portrayal of our children  As a side note, does anyone else think it’s ironic that the Madiana Monster (1 year old) is sitting on her throne after pushing big brother (4 years old) off and HE is crying on the ground because he was beaten up by his LITTLE sister again?!?! It’s always interesting with the Walkers….

The Truth Behind the Photos 0

The Truth Behind the Photos

I have always been amazed by the beautiful pictures that photographers are able to capture.  Why are all of the other newborn babies on the planet sleeping through their newborn sessions while mine are pooping on the backdrops?  How is it that every other toddler is seated calmly on a tiny bench, holding their chin in their neatly folded fingers while mine won’t even venture into the shot of the light on accident? Then, I became a parent.  I was let in on the little secrets that you aren’t privy to until your status changes to “Mommy” or “Daddy.”  ...

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