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Make Something Monday:: EASY Sugar Cookies

I always read recipes that claim “easy” and then look through their 89 ingredients and 401 steps before humming the “Liar, liar, pants on fire” tune in my brain. In scouring for cookies that my littles could help with, I found a gift from Pinterest! These Sugar Cookies from Inspired Dreamer. They really are simple, they really do have a limited amount of ingredients as far as baking goes, (Full disclosure: Cream of Tarter is included, and I did have to purchase that), and they DO involve sprinkles. Which is an absolute bonus for your tiniest bakers. Enjoy!! Advertisements


Make Something Monday:: {Easy & Delicious} Homemade Apple Crisp

A cool crip air engulfs us, the smells of pumpkin spice and cinnamon surrounds us, and the sight of beautiful earth tones and bright oranges & reds is all we see. Fall is here! We took our annual trip to the apple orchard {okay, okay, you caught me, we have already visited the orchards FOUR times in the past month!}. Is that a problem? Between playing in the corn pit, my husband trying to navigate us through the corn maze, pony rides, petting zoos, and apple picking, all I can really think about is LET’S GET HOME SO I CAN START MAKING SOMETHING WITH...

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies 1

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been trying to make chocolate chip cookies for years and they just don’t turn out right.  I can follow the recipe on the back of that little yellow Nestle package right down to the teaspoon and it doesn’t matter.  I’ve tried the extra vanilla, the extra baking soda, the extra flour….. All a fail.  They turn out flat and crispy.  Yuck.  After giving up and deciding my children would only experience chocolate chip cookies when we visited other people’s homes, I grabbed a package of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and made a last ditch effort.  They turned out spectacular!  I...

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