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Being a mom is a humbling experience. I don’t care what anyone says, this mommy gig is a hard one to pull off. It is emotionally draining, potentially damaging to one’s social life, exhausting beyond words, and yet more rewarding than all the riches in the world.


Kids Can Do Amazing Things

I am constantly blown away by what children are capable of when given the time, encouragement, and support from those around them. In addition to my three amazing beauties that I brought into the world, here are a few of our other favorite amazing kids that we watch and support at our house.  DREAM BIG PODCAST with 8-year old Eva Sweet Eva Karpman is the same age as my oldest child. This 8-year old third grader has her very own podcast where she interviews guests and leads a 20-30 minute show. Through her words, she inspires kids and adults to...


Holiday Withdrawal for Kids

If your life mimics mine at all, you’re slowly trying to dig yourself out of the holiday highs. For over a week, your children have dined on peanut butter balls and sugar cookies. A break from school has allotted them late night movies and cousin slumber parties. Holiday travel and stays away from home have given way to… {shriek} … a break from three balanced(ish) meals a day. As a parent, I can intelligently know that this is all a recipe for disaster. Yet, we let it happen because (after all), it is the holidays. And as I’ve come to...


5 things you should stop doing for your kids IMMEDIATELY

Let me preface with my perspective. I am writing this as a mother of three children (ages 2, 4 and 7). I am also writing this as a teacher. I come to you with experience as a preschool teacher, as well as a language inclusion teacher who has worked in both kindergarten and third grade. Everything I write is applicable to ALL of these ages, and beyond. Don’t get defensive, hear me out. And when you’re ready, repeat the following sentences with me: #1: I will NOT carry my child’s backpack. Never. It is not my backpack. It is not...


Tuesday Truth:: What sounds fun… Isn’t always {with kids}

In parenting, I’m often times flabbergasted at how quickly the mood can go from Yippee! This is going to be so fun to I hate my life and why did I bring kids into the world? Then, as quickly as the YUCK came along, there is some magical moment by a tiny human to bring sunshine into your world…. Which you know means a storm is lurking on the horizon. Ahhhh, the life of a parent. What you think: “Sister Slumber party!! YAY!” Reality: 4 hours past their bedtime, you’ve now NOT watched the movie you planned to with your husband, they’re both...


Five Minute Friday:: LISTEN

This year is a life transitional year for me. I recently took a one-year leave from my job to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom (#SAHMInternship). After years of pumping my entire salary (and then some) into daycare to let others raise my children, all the while frantically running around like a crazy person trying to sort out the logistics of the work/ life balance for a salary I didn’t actually keep, we decided a change was necessary. Not only has this transition allowed me to slow down and focus on my family, but it has allowed our family to slow down and enjoy...

I’ve accepted a new position… 5

I’ve accepted a new position…

Dear Friends & Family, Some of you may have heard that I am about to embark on a new career path. After nearly a decade of spending my falls setting up a classroom and welcoming students to the halls of my beloved school, I have been approved to take a one-year leave from the place I love. As of today, I am officially a Stay-At-Home-Mom. (SHRIEK). To be clear: I haven’t yet decided if that is a happy shriek or a scared shriek. Because this venture has both a start and an end date, I have decided to call it...

Wednesday Words 0

Wednesday Words

Being a mom is seeing things through my childrens’ eyes. They are often able to see the beauty surrounding us that I can’t on my own.


The Independence I’ve Always Wanted, Until I got it….

As I lie in bed, I hear the kitchen stool being scooted around to various cupboards. My 4 year old just got the bowl from the bottom shelf, the cereal from the pantry, poured the cereal into her bowl (it sounds like only a few pieces hit the floor, fingers crossed), retrieved her spoon from the drawer, and found the milk in the bottom shelf of the fridge. My 4 year old just made herself breakfast. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. So why, then, am I almost in tears? I’m feeling like a failure of a mother...


If You Give a Kid a Cherry Pitter (to the tune of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

If your kids like cherries, they will watch you painstakingly pit each cherry. They will grab them all to eat for themselves before the newly pitted cherries hit the bowl. As they get older, they want to help. So they ask for a cherry pitter. As you start to clean up from lunch one day, you realize this is their time to start helping. And what a relief it will be to take cherry-pitting off of your always growing task list. You embrace this request for help and offer them 50 cents to pit the entire package. If you offer them money, they...

Anyone know what rhymes with Friday? 0

Anyone know what rhymes with Friday?

If you said VODKA, you’d be right 🙂

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