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Love notes to my loves.
To my big boy Brecken, my middle Madiana and my littlest goo-goo Gretchen… Mommy loves you!


A letter to my daughter, the night before her brain MRI

To my beautiful, precious, innocent daughter: I love you. In your four short years of life, you have had quite the adventure! You started life interesting, seeking medical help to assist mommy & daddy in having you. Weekly shots kept you tucked in safe and warm when preterm labor threatened to give you an eviction notice way too early. You were in the clear. You made it. Still in utero, you tried stealing the spotlight once again, requiring an echocardiogram while in the womb following some abnormality in your heart beats. We were relieved to be cleared of congenital heart conditions before you came into...


“Do bad guys live in caves?”

Dear M, From the backseat this morning, you innocently asked a question that has me stumped. Straight from the mouth of your 4-year old innocence, and from the depths of your kind soul, you cautiously asked, “Mommy, do bad guys live in caves or in houses?” My initial response wavered somewhere around starting a legend where YES, bad guys only lived in caves. Deep, dark, locked caves below the surface of the earth where their improper thoughts and impure plans never came to fruition because they weren’t able to physically be near you. As a mom to tiny people, do I...


When Did You Stop Holding My Hand?

Dear B, Today while walking you out to the bus, a wave of nostalgia ran over me. It dawned on me that we weren’t holding hands. You were walking by yourself. Independently of me. Almost as if you didn’t need me. Yes, yes, you are 7 years old. You certainly don’t NEED me to hold your hand. You know the path, you know the route, you’re steady on your feet. But you held my hand long after these things were in tact as a toddler. Ya know that organic happening where we are walking next to each other and your...

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