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I am currently a K-5 ESL teacher in the Twin Cities. My educational background left me with degrees in Early Childhood, Elementary Ed, and TESOL K-12…. Which I believe is just a long way of saying I couldn’t quite make up my mind on a major in college so decided to go for them all :)


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Some of you may remember that I had a recent article posted on Scary Mommy. It all happened so quickly, and my writing on this particular day so charged and full of emotion, that I didn’t get a chance to archive it on my little ol’ blog. So here it is… An Open Letter From a Teacher To Her Students: You Are Loved I am proud of this piece. Both as an educator and, more importantly, as a human being. To my immigrant and refugee students, I am a better educator because I have worked with you. You have taught me...

I’ve accepted a new position… 5

I’ve accepted a new position…

Dear Friends & Family, Some of you may have heard that I am about to embark on a new career path. After nearly a decade of spending my falls setting up a classroom and welcoming students to the halls of my beloved school, I have been approved to take a one-year leave from the place I love. As of today, I am officially a Stay-At-Home-Mom. (SHRIEK). To be clear: I haven’t yet decided if that is a happy shriek or a scared shriek. Because this venture has both a start and an end date, I have decided to call it...

A little “Teacher” humor for the night! 0

A little “Teacher” humor for the night!


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