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Road Trip Tips

*This is a sponsored post.* As a child, I have fond memories of family road trips. As a mother myself, I know that road trips with tiny humans can be challenging, but also fun. Our family took a long road trip last summer and it was easily the most fun we’ve had in a long time. Spanning 2 countries, 14 states, 18 days, and traveling via 5 modes of transport, there were many lessons learned and countless memories made. Read about my Road Trip Tips to help make your time on the road a success. SAFETY FIRST One thing that...


Family Fun Days: Attainable & Doable Ideas

Family Fun Days are like a holiday around here, and we try to schedule them about once every other month. I won’t lie, when the day actually rolls around, it is typically referred to as FORCED Family Fun Day. What seems like a fun, simple outing can often be complicated by the personalities in the vehicle and the moods of the moments. It is safe to say that we haven’t been on a single Family Fun Day without tears from someone (adults included!).  See some of our favorite Family Fun Days below. APPLE ORCHARD/ WINERY: A WINNING COMBINATION We love...


Why I Let My Kids Destroy The Kitchen

The first time I willingly let my kids destroy every square inch of my kitchen, er, I mean, bake independently, was done through gritted teeth. I was aware of every drop of water that hit the floor, every bit of powdery flour that was smeared on the cabinet. I stared intently at the grout between the tile floors, wondering if I would still be cleaning granulated sugar out of the crevices 6 months from then. Instead of screaming”LOOK AT THE MESS YOU MADE!” I said (half-smile in place) “Oooh, that’s gonna be hard to get all that sugar off the...


Choosing To Walk

Our family walks in an annual charity walk to raise funds and awareness for blood cancers. For us, this is an event that began in a desperate need to hold tight to the memory of my beloved mother. Over time, it has become a laugh-filled walk full of memories, shared stories, and a guaranteed calendar spot where the stars align for far-away family to be together.  What happens when this yearly event is plagued with tornadic activity and terrible storms, and subsequently cancelled? We walk. We choose to walk, despite the clouds, despite the rain, despite the cold.  We walk....


Eyewear That Won’t Break the Bank

The last time I went to the eye doctor, I tried on a pair of glasses that were $675. That did NOT include the prescription frames I would need to make them worthwhile. Holy bananas! For something that is as vitally important as helping you SEE, but quite possibly one of the easiest thing to break and or lose, I just can’t rationalize spending that type of cash on glasses. That said, I want my eye ware to look stylish and feel comfortable. Thanks to my recent discovery of, I found a way to maximize on all of my wants....


Featured Post on Wandering Wednesday

Hey Mojitos & Munchkins readers! I recently learned that I am being featured on Wandering Wednesday today. Head on over to Confessions of Parenting to check it out and see some of the other great submissions. You can also join in yourself by adding your link and sharing some of your best work. I will see you there!


The Time My Intentionality Made Me Fail

I happily welcomed and accepted a 31-day writing challenge, one that would focus my mind and push me to wrote for 31 straight days. I decided I would write on intentional living, knowing that present and mindful living is an area of struggle and we would like to improve upon. How ironic then that my SUCCESS at living intentionally and in the moment caused me to FAIL at my writing challenge. Now I am left trying to figure out if I should be celebrating the fact that I am properly living in the moment and making meaningful memories with my...


The Helpless Feeling Of Loss

Yesterday, I got word that a wonderful man lost his life. He was not my father, my brother, my husband, my co-worker, or my friend, but he was each of those things to someone. He was a meaningful acquaintance in my life and the father of three of my previous students. He was a man that stood for family and faith, and was sincere in all that he did and said. Though my interactions with him were limited, my cumulative time spent with his family over the last decade was limitless. My time spent with him was that of mutual...


When Play Trumped Work

Today was one of those days where I felt slammed. I was behind at work, I had a sick kid, I had taken on waaaaaay too many volunteer projects and needed to fulfill the commitments I made to people. I felt like the entire world was waiting for me to finish things that I hadn’t yet started, and I had NO time to accomplish any of them. And then… A sweet faced toddler crawled up into my lap and ask me to read a book. So that is exactly what I did.  Now here I am, 15 hours since waking...

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