Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take some amazing trips in my lifetime. Does anyone know where this gem was taken?? Has anyone visited? I’ll give a public shout out to anyone that guesses correctly!




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  1. I’ve only heard of Santa Catalina Monastery, never actually had the chance to travel to see its beauty. Thank you for sharing this photo, I recognized it from one of the books I read some time back about different religious buildings across the world. I find monasteries to be the most beautiful, though cathedrals come as a close second.

    • April says:

      Ding! Ding! Ding!! You’re right… This picture was taken when we visited the Santa Catalina Monastery in Peru. The vivid colors were breathtaking and the feeling of peace and serenity overwhelming. I hope you make it there sometime!

      • I hope I do too. I’m not a religious person but I find the buildings to be inspirational and beautiful. I like studying things I don’t know or understand as it gives me better perspective. 🙂

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