Five Minute Friday :: HIDDEN

Who am I?

I am a mother to three fabulous young children. People know me as, “Madiana’s mom” at dance class, “Gretchen’s mom” when I pick up from daycare, and “Brecken’s mom” when I’m seen in the halls of my son’s elementary school. One mom (after seeing each other at birthday parties and school drop-offs and the neighborhood) admitted to me she didn’t actually know me by name and had me listed as “Brecken’s mom” in her contacts. Officially. I am HIDDEN under the mask of being a mommy.

Where am I?

I look around my house sometimes and all I see is doll accessories, Pokemon cards, crayons crayons crayons, and horse pictures. Where is my scrapbook desk? Once proudly organized with brightly colored name tags…. It is HIDDEN under coloring books and scraps of construction paper. Where are my bookshelves? The ones that used to display my Nicholas Sparks and Gillian Flynn…. Are now covered by The Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss. My interests are HIDDEN under the chaos that comes with kids.

Am I hidden? Or simply enjoying my new life in a way that doesn’t make me miss my interests and my organized world that I used to live in. I have a feeling that even if I could restore my daily hobbies and way of living, I sure wouldn’t!


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  1. ymjen2 says:

    Popping in from Five Minute Friday.

    As a new mom, I was not quite prepared for both the JOY and the HARDSHIP of being hidden behind being “Hope’s mom”. Thanks for capturing this phenomena so well!

    Jen at

    • April says:

      Hi Jen! This parenting journey sure is an unexpected roller coaster of a ride, huh?? I am glad (or should I say sad??) that you could relate to what I am feeling. If nothing else, it helps to know I’m not alone! Stop by any time…. Mojitos and Munchkins shares a LOT of parenting woes 🙂

  2. I loved this! Such a great take on making peace with the new world called MOM. You made me smile and remember my own munchkins! Thx!

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