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Eyewear That Won’t Break the Bank

The last time I went to the eye doctor, I tried on a pair of glasses that were $675. That did NOT include the prescription frames I would need to make them worthwhile. Holy bananas! For something that is as vitally important as helping you SEE, but quite possibly one of the easiest thing to break and or lose, I just can’t rationalize spending that type of cash on glasses. That said, I want my eye ware to look stylish and feel comfortable. Thanks to my recent discovery of, I found a way to maximize on all of my wants....


Featured Post on Wandering Wednesday

Hey Mojitos & Munchkins readers! I recently learned that I am being featured on Wandering Wednesday today. Head on over to Confessions of Parenting to check it out and see some of the other great submissions. You can also join in yourself by adding your link and sharing some of your best work. I will see you there!


The Time My Intentionality Made Me Fail

I happily welcomed and accepted a 31-day writing challenge, one that would focus my mind and push me to wrote for 31 straight days. I decided I would write on intentional living, knowing that present and mindful living is an area of struggle and we would like to improve upon. How ironic then that my SUCCESS at living intentionally and in the moment caused me to FAIL at my writing challenge. Now I am left trying to figure out if I should be celebrating the fact that I am properly living in the moment and making meaningful memories with my...


The Helpless Feeling Of Loss

Yesterday, I got word that a wonderful man lost his life. He was not my father, my brother, my husband, my co-worker, or my friend, but he was each of those things to someone. He was a meaningful acquaintance in my life and the father of three of my previous students. He was a man that stood for family and faith, and was sincere in all that he did and said. Though my interactions with him were limited, my cumulative time spent with his family over the last decade was limitless. My time spent with him was that of mutual...


When Play Trumped Work

Today was one of those days where I felt slammed. I was behind at work, I had a sick kid, I had taken on waaaaaay too many volunteer projects and needed to fulfill the commitments I made to people. I felt like the entire world was waiting for me to finish things that I hadn’t yet started, and I had NO time to accomplish any of them. And then… A sweet faced toddler crawled up into my lap and ask me to read a book. So that is exactly what I did.  Now here I am, 15 hours since waking...


A Tip for Intentional Living {With Children}

When it comes to living with intention, we as parents need to carve out intentional time in our day to have meaningful conversations with our children. I think intentionality is often confused with an intense amount of time, but it doesn’t have to be. I know that I always assumed I wouldn’t have the time to be “one of those intentional parents” that drops everything to give 100% to my kids 100% of the time. As it turns out, being intentional is sometimes simply responding to a situation in the moment and not scripting everything out in advance.  One of the...


You Know You’ve Been Living In the Moment When…

I love to party plan, host, and execute a fun kids’ birthday party like nobody’s business. Historically, this hasn’t always come to fruition without stress and a temper tantrum or two – from ME of course, not my children. With each party, I’ve realized that my kids don’t know what they are missing, only what they are getting. Likewise, I’ve realized guests are truly there for the birthday cutie and not the pomp and circumstance that surround said cutie. Lastly, I’ve realized to back the heck off from the crazy choo choo express and just chill.  And chill I did…....


My Story: The Unexciting Life of a Completely Normal Person

Everyone has a story. Some stories are inspirational, others are plagued with sadness. Some are happy and unicorn filled with blessings of good fortune, and others are full struggle and overcoming adversity. My story is somewhere between all of these and none of them. My story is completely unexciting, similar to hundreds of others, and yet uniquely mine. Growing up on a small, gravel road in the middle of Hickville, Iowa gave me a lot of time to experience youth, family, and farmlands. I distinctly remember wanting to get the heck out of dodge at an early age, proclaiming to...


The Questions I Ask My Kids Every Night… And Why

Between sports and activities, scouts and meetings, work requirements and family obligations, it seems that the moments we have in meaningful conversations are sometimes few and far between. Gone are the days where we come home from work and talk as a family while the newborn lays peacefully on my child. Gone are the days where we gather around the living room carpet and watch a toddler scoot and grunt. We have entered a new season of life and it is busy, and packed, and intense.  In the limited amount of time where we are together, I make it a...

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